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Beauty is the accurate language of itself. Pictures which paint a thousand words are its secondary tongue. This blog uses pictures while it attempts to convey that primary language.

There is beauty beyond that seen by the eye. But it takes the soul to perceive it. The feeling of mirth, the feeling of lightness, the feeling of being, the feeling of love for the Creator, the feeling of awe, the feeling that could make one weep for a reason only the soul understands- these are what this blog wants each and everyone of us to experience.

Friday, July 20, 2012


In a place called Songhan in South Korea, there is a beautiful mudhouse that overlooks the sea. I think the house is green architecture at its best.

The house made of mud viewed from below
The mudhouse viewed from the entrance

The house viewed from a different angle

A closer view of part of the roof

An even more detailed view of the roof. I wonder if the broken ceramics that stick out of the roof serve as windbreakers.

These lovely flowers, presumably wild, grow on the seashore below the mudhouse. 

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Friday, October 29, 2010


I think these berries  look exactly like the ones  produced by the Golden Bush in my garden back home in the Philippines. But I am certain this is not the same bush.

These are not edible for humans, according to the security guard of the CEU Residence Hall in Budapest, Hungary. But birds love them, he told me.